Spaghetti Sauce & Namya

Nowadays, easier food preparation methods are more preferable for urban living due to fast-paced lifestyles and limited household space like apartments, condominiums, etc.

Thus, a range of sauce products from Pan Asia serves well those needs – quick, tasty and all-in-one pack (with real seafood, chicken or meat).Ideal as topping on rice, instant noodle, pasta, etc. for life in the city, working couples, and small families.Flavorful and convenient, our canned sauces are also good choices for those who love outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, picnic, yachting, etc.

The range and list of our sauces are as follows. The 300g (10 oz) is standard sauce can. We also have packaging in smaller can sizes (185g), and glass jars packing for premium market.

Download Spaghetti Sauce & Namya Brochure Here