Thai Chef (Nai Chai)

ThaiChef NaiChai is supporting Thailand’s DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion) for the campaign of “Thailand Kitchen of the World”. We are a member of “Thailand Trusted Mark”.Chef NaiChai has dedicated most of his time developing a series of “Ready-to-Eat”, truly “All-in-One” authentic Thai food products for all the Thai Food lovers in the world. One could just open the package and pour the content over cooked rice, all kinds of noodles, roti, steamed bun, etc. to enjoy the meal.

“Cocktail” is a mixture of different wines and beverages to create a special and unique taste, and so as “Fruit Cocktail” (a mixture of different fruits with syrup). Therefore Chef NaiChai considers Thai food as “Herb Cocktail Food” since varieties of Thai herbs are mixed, mashed and added to the creation of distinctive and unique tastes of food.

Many food nutritionists also consider Thai food as “Healthy Meal”, as it uses as ingredients a variety of herbs & spices, and the “white meat” (seafood / fish / shrimps / squids / chicken, etc.)

The list below is our Thai food products. Many more are coming as Chef NaiChai will continuously present new tastes for your choice and is pleased to work with you to customize (OEM) specific recipes for your market.

Download Thai Chef Brochure Here