Sea Eel

There are fresh water eels and sea eels in the world. Both are valued food fish with high contents of food nutrition such as omega-3, DHA, EPA (the “good” fatty acid), and gelatin.

Eel is also rich in various minerals such as Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D and E.  The content of Vitamin A and E in eel is 60 and 9 times higher than those found in other fish.  Vitamin A in eel is 100 times higher than the one in beef and 300 times than in pork. The eel meat does not contain sugar, is low in sodium and high in phosphorus.

Nowadays wild-caught fresh water eels are less and most eels are farmed.  Canned Eel by Pan Asia uses ‘wild-caught sea eel’ from the ocean as raw material, ensuring the natural taste which is free from chemical residues from fish feeds.

Sea eel is carnivorous (meat-eater). It is naturally ferocious and feeds on shrimps, crabs, and other smaller fishes.  Its common name is “Dagger-tooth Pike Conger Eel” and is also mostly known as “Dragon Fish” in Thai (ปลามังกร) --  the king in the shallow water of the ocean.

Our “Pike Eel in Soy Sauce” is the best-selling recipe in Hong Kong whereas the western-styled Smoke Eel is available in western markets.  We welcome to develop your own (OEM) recipes which would suit the taste of your market.

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